Shall I compare thee to a winter's night?
Thou art more silent than a snowflake's death.
A tempest howling leads my heart to fright,
Your firey gaze hath robbed me of my breath.
Often too cold your heart doth aire,
And more so is his soul deeply chill'd;
And every maiden doth elsewhere stare,
By destiny's or plan's empty goblet overfill'd.
But thy barest winter hath so made
Or gain'd obsession of this beast thou breaketh;
Or hath Life subtly told the prisoner in tirade,
After, on temporal words of space, thou taketh.
So short as boys can drown or arms can reach,
So short dies this and this taketh death from me.
Shall I compare thee to a winter's night?
You are without compare in any place
If I cloned you Shakespeare, would it be too trite?
Agreed, from here on I will not use a trace.
Fresh snow glints and gleams under light of moon
Sparkling, glittering, much like I find your eyes
Your smile makes the strongest man, and me, swoon
You gave me your heart, already, the prize
Ice shimmers on the glassy windows, cold
I lay awake, aching for you near me
My soul lacks but one thing - you to hold
I need you, from your arms I could not flee
Bitter cold of my other life behind,
A better lover, I could never find.


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