a.k.a. Robert E. Waring, a gaming pundit and mod developer whose website (www.hulka.com) I find both repulsive and fascinating. I stumbled on this site as a result of playing Painkeep, an excellent Quake mod that Waring worked on with Team Evolve (and is currently bringing up to date as Painkeep Arena, in fact).

Back then (a couple of years ago now), most of the news that was posted on the site was game-related. Gradually, the balance seems to have tipped to what could laughingly be called "political commentary". You see, the Sarge is a little bit on the conservative side, and his news seems to revolve around deranged "anti-democrat/liberal" rants brimming with thinly veiled sexism, racism and homophobia. Only the Sarge ain't too bright, y'all, so his position generally simply toes the line that Rush Limbaugh has fed him, replete with sycopantic praise of that jackass Dubya, and feeble attempts at humour. Still, his games are great fun regardless of his loopiness. The fascistic little prick.

Sgt. Hulka was also a character from the 80's movie classic Stripes, which starred Bill Murray, Harold Raimis, John Candy and Warren Oates as the lovable, cuddly drill instructor Hulka. At the end of the movie, he retires and opens up a chain of HulkaBurger restaurants.

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