This man is a genius.

Of the works of Sexual-Lobster, known some places as Chris Voight, the most recognizable are the Flash animations with a consistent cast of characters. Here are those characters:

  • Chris - Possibly representing the artist himself, apparently a blonde kid that rambles hilarious non-sequiturs, philosophizes, and smokes weed. He no longer appears in Flash, and seems to have been supplanted by Gooseman. In real life, Chris became a lizard and is known as Lord Zorgatron.
  • Fernando Martinez - A famous man-whore, he was once also a feared drug dealer. A flashback in Lovefist provides a glimpse into the ritualistic mutilation that broke his spirit. He spends time in and out of crack dens, and sometimes hunts squids. Lately he has made some successful music videos. He enjoys yogurt very much.
  • Hernando - Fernando's boring brother. He wears a cape and does not break any laws.
  • Gooseman - The undisputed hero and leader of the series. Initially, his income comes from selling illegally-harvested organs on the black market. It is not clear whether this was lucrative enough in itself, as he has also had at least one acting role. Gooseman is a connoisseur of fine drugs, as shown in Too Many Drugs. This also illustrates his popularity with women. He is also ridiculously strong and capable of flight. He acquired the latter in some sort of strange experiment. His strength was likely enhanced when he trained with a great master who taught him the secrets of lizard combat.
  • Mannie - A guy with pointy blond hair who enjoys thrusting inappropriately. He is generally the whipping boy of the group, often being subjected to torture or even killed when Gooseman or Fernando is bored. His greatest accomplishment was hosting a talk show. He is a horrible vocalist.

In addition to these most treasured characters, members of what is sometimes called Greasy Moose, Voight created a series called Angry Dog for Aniboom, and has made two episodes of a new series called Great Destiny Man, concerning a man of great destiny. He also has animated several shorts around Captain Planet. His trademarks are superb, professional quality art and animation, verbose dialogue laden with in-jokes, and music that he makes himself. I hope that you will explore his creations, now knowing more of the dauntingly rich exposition that would otherwise make them seem so random and pointless.

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