So far I have found these nodes dealing with lubricants for sex and/or masturbation. If you know of others, please /msg me and I shall add them.
I would like this node to be useful, so the more info I have, the better.

Aloe Vera (See Lube - Ninja-Lad)
Aqua Lube - a fantastic w/u. You should read it.
Baby oil
Chapstick is a Bad Lubricant
Elbow grease - arrowfall
H-R Lubricating Jelly
Jack-off cream
K-Y Jelly
Probe Classic
Liquid Silk
masturbation problems?
Should I use a lubricant? What kind of lubricant should I use?
Wet - Sylvar
Wet Platinum

I've noticed than many of these writeups don't, in fact, give much information about the individual lubricants. There are very few comparisons of products, for example. In my opinion, the more information on each that is given, the more useful a metanode like this could be.

So get out into the field, do some serious comparitive study, and get back to E2 with your results! :)
And if you make a w/u on a sexual lube, please message me so I can add it here.

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