A rock band from St. Louis. You've probably never heard of this band and may never again, but damn it I think they rock. sexicolor is a fairly new band on the St. Louis scene, they have been together for less than a year, but they are probably one of the best. On bass we have Mark Eberhard, on drums Scott Hermes, and on guitar and vocals both Jason Hutto and Spitzie West. Jason and Spitzie really work well together and seem to share the spot light pretty equally. Both Jason (who hails from Kansas City) and Spitzie (from South St. Louis) have been in other bands around town and rumor has it that one evening while slouched at the same bar decided they should form a band together. Their sound, well genre-wise, I would like to just say rock, but that is so broad, so I'll go out on a limb and say power pop, pop punk. They'rer somewhat fast and somewhat hard, but not metal and probably not hard rock. I think on some songs they sound like early Urge Overkill. By the way, Spitzie is a girl. Which in my personal opinion gives them a much greater range in the songs they can do. And since both Spitzie and Jason write songs it means you also get more variety of perspectives in the songs the band performs.

I just got home from their CD release party where they released their first album called The Look and Feel of Sexicolor. It was held at the Hi-Pointe and the place was packed. I thought the show went pretty well. They sounded great. This was the first time I'd seen them live and I will definitely try to see them again. Probably the best local band I've seen since moving here. They frequently play the Hi-Pointe Cafe and The Way Out Club here in St. Louis. Like anyone on e2 cares but the opening bands were Tomorrow's Caveman (think The Doors or Rolling Stones) and Lo Freq (hard core punk).

I had much fun, now sleep! I'll spell check this writeup tomorrow...checked!

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