Most of us are very interested in it, but so few of us know how to go about putting dreams into action. It isn't easy to walk up to a random retired couple and let them know you want to get busy with them, but with a few simple and careful steps you can be on your way to living a fantasy shared by millions of Americans.

Life Partners: Great Tastes That Taste Great Together!

Because the very thought of sexual relations with retired couples is so titillating, it can be difficult to focus. You don't know their names or their life histories. All you know is that they have led long and possibly fulfilling lives and have stayed together through it all. It is in fact less fulfilling to enjoy sexual relations with a retired couple who have only recently been married and even less so if they are just "companions." The true joy is to be found in retired couples who have been married between twenty and fifty years.

Seek and Ye Shall Find!

The first thing you must seek is permission. Before you can propose a sexual tryst with a random retired couple, you must ensure they are interested in sexual relations with you. The sex must be consensual and you should never try to overpower or coerce the retired couple. Most of the time you will find that retired couples are very interested in bringing young people into their bedrooms. In a survey taken somewhere by some lady, it was found that 78% of retired couples are only remaining alive in the hope they can find young people to engage in sexual activities with.

Gender Identity Makes Saying "Hi" Extra Special!

When seeking out a random retired couple, there are several things you should pay close attention to. The first thing to pay attention to is what gender you are. Once you have established your gender, you generally want to approach the retired individual of the opposite gender. It is true that there is a great deal of repressed same sex desire in retired couples. This is important for later in your sexual romp. However, keep it simple at first. Approach the retired person of the opposite sex. Smile at them a bit. Flirt innocently at first then make your intentions more obvious. For instance, purchase an ice cream cone and run your tongue around it while staring into the eyes of the retired person or slide your left hand into your trousers and moan quietly.

You Must Be A Boy!

If you are a boy and you are approaching a retired woman, lean towards comments about how young and virile you are. Perhaps you will remind her of what her partner was like in the early days. She may enjoy foot massages and having Ladies Home Journal read to her in bed. For the woman who is part of a retired couple, life is an endless pattern. You can fit into the pattern and then break it, which will fill her with much delight. Remember, details are important to the retired couple, as they are very set in their ways and have experienced much more in life than you have. They have thirty to fifty years on you. Don't forget that. As a boy, you will find that the retired gentleman wants few things more than he wants to watch a young buck pleasure his wife. Soon he will be climbing into the bed or the bath with you and releasing his repressed desires.

You Must Be A Girl!

If you are a girl, it is much easier to approach the retired couple. The retired gentleman is always interested in proving that he can still "hold his own" with a young, fresh female. His wife may doubt his abilities, citing recent failures in the bedroom. Once she makes these types of statements, the time has come for you to offer the dare. The woman will always be more than willing to let you work your magic on her husband while she watches, and eventually she will join in. It becomes an offer impossible for her to refuse.

This is the American Dream.
Make it count.

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