In response as someone who's had sex on cocaine, I have to warn you, unless you're the woman, you're wasting your time.

Cocaine is in a way, in the family of Novocaine, in that it numbs sebaceous glands . That's why people put the remainder of coke left on the mirror, toilet lid, or counter top, under their top lip against their teeth. It tingles but after a while, it's just numb, kind of like Chloraseptic. It of course numbs (and burns) a bit when it's snorted for the same reason: this skin is softer, more pliable , more moist, and therefore less resistant to coke's numbing capacity.

Which would lead one in a somewhat logical path toward....the vagina . Dabbing a little coke on the clitoris will elicit an effect similar to the supposedly titlating sensastion of being eaten out by a guy who's just chomped on some Altoids. It does feel pretty damn good.

However, if the guy does coke beforehand and/or regularly, he may want to hump like rabbits , but his apparatus will have difficulty keeping the faith. That's the standard side effect for men. Watch The Big Chill.

Sorry dudes.

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