Fresh off his genre-redefining Dr. Octagon project, Kool Keith joined up with Kutmasta Kurt to drop Sex Style in early 1997. More explicit than any of his previous work (and you must consider that his previous work had included an entire album about a gynecologist from Jupiter), this is first-class porno rap. Part of this album's success is that Keith never comes across as your archtypical inner city player, freaking hos and smacking bitches; he instead approaches the sexual topic as someone who has spent a lot of time in dark rooms jacking off to X-rated videos. As such, Keith's perverse rhymes never stray into the boring misogynistic themes we've heard a million times ever since 2 Live Crew picked up their mics... not an easy task when you realize he's singing about anal sex, douching, water sports, and sticking lollipops in, er, impure places.

The bluntness of his rhymes is offset by the implicit understanding that it's all a joke. Keith pulls this off with a mixture of feigned innocence and sheer silliness. There are a few detours from the theme (the abstract "Sly We Fly"; industry disses "Plastic World" and "Keep it Real... Represent"), but the overall attitude is summed up in the chorus of the sleazy hidden closer, "Photo Session": "Can I see your panties, girl?"

Kool Keith
Sex Style

  1. Intro
  2. Sex Style
  3. Don't Crush It
  4. Make Up Your Mind
  5. Sly We Fly
  6. Plastic World
  7. Stuck on Pussy Drive
  8. Regular Girl
  9. The Mack Is Back
  10. What's He Like?
  11. Still the Best
  12. In Your Face
  13. Lick My Ass
  14. Keep It Real... Represent
  15. Little Girls
  16. After the Club
  17. Lovely Lady / Photo Session

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