"Serdar Argic" is a term in Ken MacLeod's wonderful book "The Star Fraction". It means "kill-file clutter", and is uttered by Jordan Brown in the Lord Carrington pub in Norlonto to Moh Kohn and Janis Taine. It is described as a piece of "net-slang" that Jordan has picked up in his brief time outside of Beulah City.

I have read this book far too many times.... thanks Ken.

Best guess this was intended as a humourous pisstake, but I had no idea of this until Argic randomly popped up under the Kibo node. Thanks E2.

I am resisting the urge to go over the other side of my room and find a page reference for this, as my copy of the book is close by to my current meatspace co-ordinates. This node was done without reference to the book

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