Sequential Sportshift or 'SportShift' is the manual/automatic transmission that Honda puts in some of its vehicles. Left alone, this transmission operates as a normal automatic transmission car with it shifting gears for the driver. In its Sequential SportShift mode, the driver is allowed to choose at what RPMs the engine is shifted into the next higher or lower gear. The SportShift mode is enabled when the gear selector is pushed into a special shift gate. The driver is not allowed to downshift the engine into over-revving nor is the driver allowed to over-rev the engine in the present gear. Volkswagon/Audi/Porche has a similar manual/automatic transmission called Tiptronic. Chrysler has their own called the AutoStick. BMW has Steptronic.
This kinds of transmissions are also called "manumatic".

The following is a list of Hondas that are/were available with SportShift:

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