Observation 1: Glenlivet is delicious.

Observation 2: The political conventions are at an end. The Republicans have strung together the least-watched major party political convention in as long as they've been televised. And a promise for massive unnecessary increases in military spending. And if some polls are to be believed, a negative 'bounce' coming out of it. And for the Democrats, we have at last found their popular strategy: run the ghost of Bill Clinton against Mitt Romney. Well in that contest, the popular philandering specter prevails. And, neighboring a state where heavy political advertising is in play, I can tell you, we're at the point (earlier, it seems, than in elections before) where TV ads are being tuned out as annoyances, so whatever change in the trajectory is going to have to come from some other angle. If this isn't the election to quit the Republicrat duopoly completely, when will it ever be?


Question of the day:
How many roads must a man walk down, before you call him a man?

In node auditing news:

Jet-Poop -- on page 19 of 27. 2/3+ there!!
Dannye -- on page 17 of 20. 4/5+ there!!

etouffee, iceowl, and teleny are in the queueueue.

Blessings, all!!

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