An invitation to the most bad-ass, exciting, intellectually stimulating, ennui eliciting, laughingest, tap-dancingest, experiemental jazz-fusionesque, gargantuan, indie, mainstream, book saving, word recommending App to ever hit your phone in the next five minutes.


It seemed better to use that last sentence as a lead-in rather than a node-title.

Some of you know me as a guy who drops in from time to time with middling poetry and then disappears for even longer stretches before dropping in more middling poetry that doesn't seem terribly dissimilar from what came before it. The rest of you don't know me at all, and that's ok.

A while ago now, I left a link to a survey here as my business partner and I were learning how to imagine, design, and code an App, while also learning how to imagine, design, and legally create a Delaware C-Corp, issue ourselves stock, and a migraine inducing amount of other tasks involved with creating a startup.

We have mastered a few of those tasks, and ignored, failed, or put off for another day the others. Most importantly, and I'll leave this in larger letters, TITLEPOOL was born...then died, was reborn and put down, and then reborn again. We are now actively beta-testing our book saving and personal book recommendation app, and I would be honored if the first cadre of true bookniks was made up of Everythingians.

You can check out more or less what the app is about at though we need to do some serious revamping of our Landing Page.

The elevator gist is, wherever you are, whatever you're reading or watching, whoever you're talking to, when a book comes up and you want to read it, in thirty seconds you can find it and add it to a list with a note about why you want it. We're trying to replace post-its, little notebooks, smartphone messages, random e-mails, and any other quasi-ineffective means you had of tracking the books you wanted to read.

Then when you finish a good book, instead of waiting to bring it up with that person you know will love it, you can send it straight to them with a note and it'll go right on their list. Simple enough, we think.

If anyone else is interested please send me an e-mail - Steve AT - Let me know your name (or whatever you want to go by) and I'll send you an invite to the beta. You can message me here too, whatever you're more comfortable doing.

After you try it out the best thing you could possibly do is send an e-mail telling me exactly how and why it's terrible, and what we can do to make it not so terrible. If anything's great we like to hear about that too.

My sincerest thanks to anyone who's willing to help us out and try out the app (I should say that for now it is for smartphones and tablets, hopefully with a desktop version coming to a desk near you soon)

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