Normally I write about how I want to change; what I'm dissatisfied with, people who annoy me, and other unpleasantness in my life. Today I want to take a moment and reflect on the good and great things about my life. Today I sent a text to the father of my children. I told him that I like a guy at work, and it's bringing back some memories of our past. I apologized; he said that relationships are a learning process, accepted his role in what has happened, and it was tough to reach out, but I'm really glad that I did. Today I went to church, then decided to go get a massage since I am sore. I didn't get paid so I'm not sure how much money I will be getting tomorrow, but I made the decision not to worry about it. If I am in debt; whatever I spent on the massage will hardly be relevant. I was texting a friend and ended up meeting her at Starbucks where she bought me a gluten free treat to eat.

I had to put air in my tires, and that was not as fun since it was raining; however, I am glad I know how and can care for my vehicle to that extent. I'm sure one of the guys at work would have done it for me tomorrow had I waited, but that would just be extra work for him, and a good way to appreciate the lives and skill sets of others is to step into their job related shoes for just a minute or two. It isn't hard to inflate tires, but it is some fiddling around, and my hands were dirty by the time I was done. After coffee (tea for me), I went to the art studio. My plan to do something with a rocky cliff turned into a mess; but I rolled with it, and I'm pretty pleased with how the final product turned out even though there are spots I wish I could fix. One of the women who works there told me that long ago she accepted that your piece will be flawed, and you just have to keep moving forward. 

I'm not sure if others go through this; but at first I am excited. Then I start worrying; I do something that seems to be the exact wrong thing, try to paint around it, and the final product is rarely ever what I set out to do, but I have learned that those feelings and experiences are part of the creative process. Painting is fun for me. It's very relaxing, I can do it with either hand, I don't really have to think about what I'm doing too much; I just sort of let the brush do what it wants, and that's good enough for me. While I was there a woman came over and commented on my piece. Another woman said that she would have to follow a picture, and that's funny to me because I can't ever find a piece and mimic it. There are many times when I wish that I could, but that's just not how my mind works. Usually I get a concept or idea, and then things just sort of flow from there. It's the only way I know how, and I'm okay with that.

Going into work tomorrow, nervous and excited. It will be good to be back. My friend told me that they put some plants by my desk so I am thrilled about that. Much love to all reading this...



P.S. Isn't life delicious?



  1. Once upon a time
  2. I applied for a job
  3. without really knowing
  4. anything about cars
  5. or how to sell them.
  6. Thank you for giving
  7. me a chance in the 
  8. service drive.
  9. I will endeavor to
  10. work hard and prosper.

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