Notes from the Surf

Crysis with Real Lifesis 02
Have I fallen too far behind when I'm amazed by graphics like this?

National Geographic: Translucent frog
Visions of Earth can be quite strange...

Study links 45,000 U.S. deaths to lack of insurance
"We're losing more Americans every day because of inaction ... than drunk driving and homicide combined"

New evidence of widespread fraud in Afghanistan election uncovered
"It was all cheating on election day... Each candidate had his men cheating for him in the polling station and they all knew the others were cheating. Even I cheated... I didn't want to, but when I saw everyone cheating, I put 20 ballots in"

Class Inequality Superimposed on Theoretical Height
"what first looked to me like a dark green blob behind the tallest guy is actually the foot of the next tallest guy... At the very end of the parade (it’s 1971, recall) is John Paul Getty, heir to the Getty Oil fortune. The sole of his shoe is hundreds of feet thick."

Chinese students go undercover to investigate Coca Cola
"a student was beaten up by two managers of the labor dispatch company that hired him, when he resigned his job and asked for payment of outstanding wages for himself and two fellow workers"

Are there just too many people?
Rather than asking why people are hungry, he wondered why there isn’t enough food produced. "The limits of production are determined not by the number of hungry bellies but by the number of purses able to buy and to pay... The moneyless bellies, the labour which cannot be utilised for profit and therefore cannot buy is left to the death-rate."

Honduras: Regime resorts to repression - Insurrection in working class neighbourhoods
"hundreds of heavily armed agents of the anti-riot police and the army, with armoured cars, tear gas and live ammunition, attacked the 5,000 people who still remained outside the (Brazilian) embassy... More than 200 people were arrested and taken to the Chochi Sosa stadium, in scenes reminiscent of those of the National Stadium in Chile after Pinochet's coup... The list of places where people resisted repression, defied the curfew and in some cases chased away the police and the army is long."

Bolivian Election: Extremism causes right-wing candidates to drop below 10% support
"In another violent incident, in connection with which the then right-wing governor of the northern province of Pando, Leopoldo Fernández, was arrested, at least 15 indigenous people were shot to death when a group of Morales supporters were ambushed"

Unofficial post strike spreads across West of Scotland
Management tries to force drivers to cross picket lines, suspends pay when they refuse. Night shift walks out, early shift walks out, unofficial strike then "spread like wildfire" to over 2000 employees.

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