Mixed bag today. Sometimes you take what you can get.

On the positive side, looks like I have 100% grades for my first three MFA graduate classes. It's a nice start, hopefully I can keep things going. I'm not sure if I'll be eligible for the academic honor roll (since it is my first quarter), but it would be nice. My goal was to get at least a "B" average. I spent a lot of extra time doting on the details, plus I wrote 17 total short stories plus a couple of review nodes that I posted here on Everything2.

On the not-quite-as-positive side, I had a Veterans Administration doctor appointment with my new primary care physician. I dumped my old one because, frankly, he was incompetent. Every time I saw him he screwed something up, to the point where I was concerned for my health. This new doctor reminds me of my old one in Denver. Calm, explains everything, and looks at medicine as a collaborative effort. I'll even forgive him for wearing bright orange Crocs.

Anyway, I have a surgical procedure in October, followed by an appointment to see if I get a pacemaker, followed by an opthomologist appointment to see why my left eye is having issues beyond having a giant laser scar and a dime-sized lesion courtesy of the United States Army when they were based off my boat in the Persian Gulf. Not looking forward to October. At least I'm out of the hospital now. 

If you're a young whippersnapper, take care of yourself. Shit sucks when you start getting mechanical breakdowns and they no longer make parts for your model anymore. Keep on top of your health as best as you can.

Today's node is The old man and his bottle of spirits by Auspice. Don't forget to start brainstorming for the upcoming HorrorQuest.

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