Many years ago, I had a friend who was just about to finish his PhD in Nuclear physics.

He was somewhat randomly approached by a couple of foreigners, who offered him a sizable donation to endorse a particular make up product. He explained that he's not quite a doctor and not that kind of a doctor. His protests were met with dismissal, they wanted an endorsement from a doctor, and obviously couldn't get it from a real one. They told him that the product would be advertised and sold overseas, and no one checks whether the 'guy who says that your shampoo is safe' got his PhD in hairology.

My friend politely refused, I'm not sure whether I would have, I would've checked the legalities; though I'm sure doctors are allowed to give their non-professional opinion on any topic.

Besides learning about my moral bankruptcy, I also learned a valuable lesson in marketing.

I was always skeptical of companies and their medical research. Whenever I read "2 red wines a day increases life expectancy", or some rubbish like that, I assume they surveyed wine drinkers from Monaco and non-drinkers from Chad. Or in Moldova, where 2 red wines a day means you've hit the drinking age of 6 and grandmas talk fondly of Bukowsky, that friendly fella who wrote uplifting poetry and wasn't much of a drinker.

Moldova is a great country with amazing people, I highly recommend visiting it

PS, stabbing yourself in the neck decreases blood pressure

PPS, did you know that China recently moved the magnetic north inadvertently by a few centimeters?
TAKE THAT, people who say that humans are insignificant and can't affect Earth's climate!

As per my updated cult rules, (read Book of Reversals 23:20) thou shalt finalise thy rants with a single word.


Going to keep this short tonight. It's late, I didn't have the best day, and I need some sleep. My day started out with a strange dream about some of the people at work. Most of what I remember is my boss and this strange medieval time period type place where a goat and other livestock were pulling a cart. We seemed to be in some sort of living library with many rooms, and I'm not sure what to make of it really. Today the people I worked with on Saturday came back. After some back and forth on the financing, they agreed to the deal. I was working with another couple when my boss came out and told me he needed me for a minute or two. I knew something was up since he does not need me for anything. The people I had been working with could not get the financing to go through; and I was bummed, but maybe not as much as they were, particularly her.

The other couple was not much fun. Played the stereo so loudly my head hurt, she drove like a total idiot, and seemed oblivious to the fact that the fuel gauge indicated we were about to run out at any second. I hate people who drive like they own the road; she seemed like a bimbo, and he looked like a guy you would buy small quantities of weed from when you are in school and flat broke, but want to be able to chill for a bit. I have never bought drugs before, this is just my imagination of what a small time dealer might look and act like. I could also see him as a pimp trotting out his latest acquisition. I do not enjoy working with people who are that rude and inconsiderate; I prefer working with people who are deep, and seem to have some sense of how to conduct themselves on a test drive. I don't even want to get a sale from them. I feel like they don't deserve to drive anything we have in our inventory, but I don't really have that luxury as a working woman.

When I was talking to my boss about the deal that was not to be he said something about me taking on the other position that I thought was still in question. He made it seem like this was a done deal, and not really sure why I didn't know more about it, I didn't know what to say, I was totally taken off guard since we were talking about a sale at the moment. He was not happy when the deal fell through. I would like to explain why, but think it's best if I leave the details in the past where they belong. I will say it appears to have been a bit of a miscommunication, my boss said it wasn't my fault since he would have thought the same thing I did, but another guy said that just because we think one way does not mean our customer base will as well, and I felt like that was a good point. I'm still hoping the sale can be salvaged because I really want that lady to get what she wanted, but we don't always get what we want in life, sometimes for very good reasons.

And on that note, much love to you and yours...


P.S. I can't believe I have to go back to work tomorrow and deal with all the things I couldn't get to today <insert shocked face emoji>


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