I'm currently working at a theater five nights a week in a production of Annie Get Your Gun. We're almost done with our run, so naturally things like auditions for the next show and rehearsals for the pre-cast principles are happening in the rehearsal areas while we run our shows. All sorts of people coming in and out.

I ran into a situation that turned out to be entirely hilarious when someone pointed out a few things about it to me. A friend of mine at the theater named John and I were peeking into an audition room for the upcoming A Christmas Carol production, and stayed for a few minutes to see who was getting involved. There were chairs on one side of the room for people to sit in while they waited their turn. Herein the hilarity began. There were four rows of chairs, but only the second row was occupied. It was occupied by a group of females of darker complexion, not necessarily all colored; and they were sitting, entirely by chance, in order of height with tallest on the left in a situation where the differences in height were very noticeable (the tallest had to have been six feet, and the shortest was literally probably as short as the mid four foot range). A cell phone somewhere in the room set off a text tone. All four of them pulled their phones out, checked and noticed nothing, then put them back in purses.

John turned to me, already laughing under his breath, and whispered, "Hey Dave, check it out, more bars in more places!" as he pointed out with his hands the perfection in their height differences, their positions, and the situation. We immediately retreated to the dressing rooms to have a laughing fit.

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