Thoughts for today are simply a hodgepodge of ideas which, obviously, don't merit individual noding:


Earlier this week, a guy got very, very angry with me (red-face yelling mad) because he spilled hot coffee all over himself when he bumped into me, drinking this coffee while he hastily walked around a blind corner. In my view, rules of the road apply to walking as well. He was making a left turn around this corner, I was making the right turn. I suggest that he ought to have been toward the outside of the sidewalk, the 'left side of the road' as it were. And not walking quickly while drinking hot coffee while rounding a corner.


Animals are concrete things, historically biologically important concepts for minds to master, and so it ought to be no surprise that humans have developed not only a great facility for classifying and naming animals, but a remarkable capacity for remembering the names and characteristics of different kinds of animals encountered in the world. Which brings us to the rhinopotamus (pronounced, in Boston, like "rhino-pah-tah-mis"), which is a hypothetical large beast with which I induce you to imagine something which never was. Even before I got to this point, you have likely already imagined it as a big grey, African creature with a horn on its nose, but having as well a gaping maw with peg-like teeth at the corners, and a preference for spending its time mostly underwater in lakes and slow-moving rivers. This animal, for purposes of further mind-molding, comes in a variation known as the "wooly arctic rhinopotamus," which you will probably now imagine as appearing much the same as the foregoing, but with long white fur.


A spoiler is a horizontal planar surface appended to an automobile which screams out vital plot twist details of movies you haven't yet seen, as the vehicle blurs past you on the highway, and into the twilight at the end of the road, leaving you standing in gape-mouthed perplexity (and, possibly, disappointment).



World's Easiest Peanut Butter Cookies:

Step 1. Go to store.
Step 2. Buy peanut butter cookies.

If you have no money, you might instead go to the store and pick up a bag of peanut butter cookies, then casually stroll toward the register as though you have every intention of buying those cookies. Choose a path in advance that will naturally tend to take you nearest to an unobstructed exit, and when you reach that closest point, run like hell. (Out the door that is, running up and down the aisles will do nobody no damn good).

For some reason, screaming like a banshee seems to help with the running part. Less energy-consuming means of this ploy involve secreting cookies into hidden compartments on the body and leaving the store in a cool saunter, but these days you never know who's watching, so better to just run. Are they really going to chase you down over a fucking bag of cookies? Seriously? Yeah they might, who knows these days.

If, on the other hand, your store has no peanut butter cookies for sale, you might instead simply buy cookies of some other variety which does not clash with peanut butter, and then also buy a jar of peanut butter (unless you already have peanut butter in the house, in which case you don't really need to buy any, now, do you?).... Grabbing and dashing is not recommended in the former case, as it's much easier to drop peanut butter while fleeing across a parking lot or clawing your way over a chain link fence.

Now, once you are home and have your non-peanut-buttery cookies and your jar of peanut butter at your mercy, spread the cookies out on a baking sheet and, with a knife, fork, spoon, or other such device capable of transporting and smearing peanut butter, smear the peanut butter onto the cookies. By the time you're done, the cookies will be cool and solid enough to pick them up and eat them. Expect them to be a little bit crunchy; they go very well with milk.


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