For those worrying about my face, it's mostly fine.
My left eyeball is still mostly red instead of white, but the bruises are mostly yellow. My perforated eardrum is apparently doing well, and I no longer continuously hear white noise, so that must be good. I can breathe through my nose again and am mostly feeling good.

After taking care of me, wifey was pretty furious, (though she made me some green jello because I mentioned that eating was a bit troublesome), she didn't talk to me for a day after we found out about the eardrum, so that was a tough day.
Work seems to be mostly ok, but I guess I'll see what they say at the end of my probation.

I've had some problems with my investment property, so instead of saving money for a house deposit, I've got a bad feeling that whatever I've got saved will get drained into this mess.

I've decided to only keep proper write ups here, and keep all the boring personal logs elsewhere.
I thought that logs would be a good way to get into writing, but that didn't seem to work.

*Stasik goes back to hiding under a rock for a while*


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