I would never say I "liked" my principal in the first place, but now I have no respect for him. He has a rule that you can't listen to music in the mornings (but you can talk on your cell phone) which is universally ignored, teachers and students. So, like every single day last week (and every day last year) I was listening to music in the morning.

He snuck up behind me, grabbed my backpack and made me give him the mp3 player; now my parents have to get it. Why would he do that? It was before class, I wasn't bothering anyone and there was absolutely no point to the whole rule. He was just storming around snatching up music players because he could.

For some reason this really bothered me. It wasn't the mp3 player, I'll have it back in a few days and it's been broken longer than that a few times anyways. It was the concept. He could take my stuff away for no good reason and there was nothing I could do about it, short of saying no and running away (which knowing the school, would not be worth it). I just can't stand overbearing authority.

There's another story about the principal that doesn't involve me, but everyone agrees is unfair. This kid was walking the halls and found an Ipod on the floor so he picked it up and was going to take it to the lost and found; Mr. Principal sees him with it in his hand, says he stole it and the kid got suspended 10 days and kicked off the football team. The principal didn't even listen to him, maybe if he did he could've actually watched the tape from one of the cameras, seen the kid clearly picking it up off the ground (and who could consider that stealing?) and the kid could've stayed in school and on the team; yet he didn't listen, and he didn't have to, he's the principal he can do whatever he wants.

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