It's Wednesday the Thirteenth, which means I don't have to avoid Jason, just his annoying cousin Melvyn who goes around trying to sell steaks out of a cooler off of the back of his 1978 Chevy pickup truck.

My oldest daughter now has power. She also told me that their place is missing four shingles, so they came through fine. While it was good for her (east coast of Florida), it was a little tougher for my sister's husband in Saint Petersburg. My sister left to visit one of her daughters, but her hubby was stuck because his work wouldn't let him evacuate. I didn't know that accountants were so in demand during natural disasters. Anyway, he has no power but is safe.

Still wondering when Hurricane Jose will figure out where it wants to go. It's doing doughnuts in the ocean right now. Hopefully he'll curve north and annoy the fish.

Apparently Noding Speedometer thinks I am a robot or at least inhuman. I'm trying to only post two public nodes a day, and sometimes a hidden one (like this daylog). I do miss when it would take an hour for anything in the New Writeups app to scroll off the list. I vote on the new stuff and occasionally ching one, but otherwise I'm getting a bit depressed reading some of the older stuff posted by some amazing writers. I miss a lot of them, from retired noders to those who have passed away.

Speaking of writing, I hope there will be another Iron Noder challenge in November. In the meanwhile, work on the two novels I'm poking at are going well. I wrote seven short stories in the last two weeks, one of which was picked up for publication. I'm also waiting for the Horror Writers Association's poetry anthology to come out. I have a poem in there. 

I hope your week is going well, and if you're in one of the hurricane areas, I hope you're safe and have what you need.

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