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waverider37 had a lucid dream.

After weeks of trying I've finally had success. I was driving home, and casually noticed that my tripometer said 441 kilometres, which meant I was nearly out of petrol. (Usually it lasts roughly 400.) I saw a bunch of emergency vehicles outside my neighbours' house, the majority of them SES, but I did see a bunch of girls from my high school on the back of some that looked suspiciously like fire trucks (but weren't), and they were all in their school uniforms except Megan who was in a paramedic uniform.

So I pulled up in my driveway, intending to get on over there and see what was the matter - my neighbours are elderly, and I like them - so I jumped over a puddle - and I floated. I quickly realised "Hang on. This doesn't happen in real life - I must be dreaming!" To convince myself, I jumped straight up, and I jumped high and slow, and landed softly. I tried seeing if I could fly, by jumping up and flapping my arms, but I started to lose speed at the apex of my jump. So no flying for me. However, I immediately put to use my new found skill of jumping high and slow by getting all the tennis balls off the roof, from where I had hit them playing various sports, both real and made-up. Once I was done, I smiled, and did a bit more jumping -

- and then I woke up. Or so I thought. Mum woke me up, asking me hurriedly before she left for Melbourne, whether I had made up my mind about going to Queensland for my holiday this year, and whether I could transfer to a KFC there for the duration of my stay. Angrily (because I had been woken up from my best dream this year) I looked on my computer for the results (why the flaming computer?!?) and I angrily texted her - they had just left - saying "Firstly, I'm not going. Secondly, Ashlee's not coming either" (that's my girlfriend) "Thirdly, I've told you and told you, I can't transfer to the KFC in Queensland." (Which is true.)

And then I woke up, this time for real. (To make sure, I looked at my clock twice.)

Last night brings my tally up to one lucid dream, ever. But it's a motivation, because lack of lucid dreams has been a bit discouraging. However, I'll carry on.

The best things in life are free, as I've found out tonight.

Since 4pm, I have variously eaten two-thirds of a pizza, gone on a 3 mile walk with 45 pounds on my back, gone for a cruise with my girlfriend, climbed a tree in mild weather, watched the moon reveal its bright beauty, played video games and watched DVDs, and drank a frappé.

It's now nearly 1am. For the last hour and a half I've been blogging about my day. Obviously, I'm feeling pretty fucking special. I have spent a grand total of $AU3.95, in cold hard cash. Obviously I've spent more on electricity and petrol, but everything else was basically free. I feel relaxed, at peace with the world. I can forget about my shitful job cooking chicken, and can remember instead a job I'm getting on a farm near here. I can forget about my friends moving to all four corners of the state, and can remember instead all the friends I appreciate now, as they're still here. I can forget that my mouth is dry, and can remember I drank an iced coffee a while ago and there's apple juice and the ingredients for a chocolate float in the fridge.

I'm happy now. Be proud.

I arrived at my college about two weeks ago, as a freshman. Pursuing a High School ambition, I entered into the conservatory's program in Design Tech. And now I want to leave. I want to leave the conservatory's program for Theatre Tech.

The conservatory aims to prepare me for a professional, lifelong career in Theatre Tech. I am not so ambitious: I wanted to learn only bits and pieces, while trying to figure out what my true major should be. Theatre Tech's is a great place to learn things: art things, carpenter things, electric things, costume things, sound things. Theatre Tech's a great place.

I don't want to live my life sewing curtains or drawing sets, no matter how much I enjoy sewing curtains and drawing sets

I want to help people and the earth. I want to teach impoverished communities, or help restore nature preservations. I only chose my present major because I did not know how to become involved in this things. I only did not seriously consider them, because I did not want to approach my parents, who idealise an immediate college degree for me.

This semester has already been paid for; it is too late to change my major. I want to change my major. I don't want to change my major, I want to take a year off. I want to take a year off, and find out what I want to be doing. I have spent the last year wasting time. Wasting time, when I could have found what I want to do. What do I want to do?

What should I do?

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