I can see it now...

"Counsel, your proposed remedy strikes this court as a little odd."

"How so, Your Honor?"

"Well, you're proposing we slap you on the wrist with... well, what exactly IS this thing?"

"It's the Microsoft Ruler(tm), Your Honor."

"This isn't a ruler. Rulers have marks an inch apart. This thing has millimeters or something, only they're too big to be millimeters."

"They're Microsoft Standard Units(tm), Your Honor. We've embraced and extended the standard."

"So I see. In any case, this isn't a ruler just because you drew 100 marks on it."

"128, Your Honor."


"Binary, Your Honor."

"It figures. Counsel, please approach the bench. Thank you. Counsel, please bend over. I'm going to put this remedy back where it came from."

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