Seeed is a German reggae band. Only, they don't just play reggae. They play a weird mix of electronic, hip-hop, reggae, and acoustic music.

From 1985 to 1998 was a time of experimentation for Seeed. As of yet, Seeed as we know them had not yet gelled into a set band. They were performing with other groups, making their own music and generally learning what they wanted to do.

In 1998, Seeed got together as we know them today. Their main schtick was to play as a 'Mobile Reggae Task Force'. They sought to bring together many people, playing many different instruments, in the New Orleans style of a Marching Band. However, they wanted to play a different kind of music from the average marching band. They wanted Dancehall, and Dub, instead of playing the traditional Secondline Brass. Because of the difficulty of implementing the concept that they had in mind (complete with PA system towed behind the band), they ended up playing as a regular band, although they have an extremely different sound from most reggae bands.

In December of 1999, Echobeach, an indie label based out of Hamburg signed them on a contract. Their first album was then scheduled for 2000.

May of 2000. The first 12" releases are put out by Echobeach. Downbeat/Warner start to realize exactly how big Seeed are going to be, and pick them up on their corporate label.

July of 2000. The first big show that Seeed puts on is at the Summer Jam Festival. It is the first massive dose of exposure that Seeed has had up to this point. Their fanbase explodes after this concert.

December of 2000. "Dickies B" Featuring Anthony B is released on 12". This is the first album of Seeed to make big success. Due solely to the quality of the song, Dickies B is played at first all over Germany. Gradually copies of the record make their way through customs, and begin to play in countries around Germany.

May of 2001. Seeed releases New Dubby Conquerors, their first full length album. Rocking the charts at a stunning #17 on the first day of sales, NDC stays on charts in low double-digit places for the next six months.

From May to November of 2001, Seeed tours all of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The crowds swell at each new venue.=, reaching epic proportions at points along the tour.

For most of 2002, Seeed worked on their second album, which was completely leak-free for the entire process.

June Second, 2003. Music Monks is released. Amazing lines stretch for this CD release. A mass orgasm is released as all of the Seeed fans all over the world receive their copies of The Music Monks. I personally played this CD for two weeks straight.

    Dickies B, 02.04.2001
  1. Dickies B
  2. I am Waiting (Tolga)
  3. We Seeed (EP Mix)

    SEEED/El Criminal (Vinyl) 02.06.2001
  1. Na Sauber (Putzbattle) - SEEED
  2. Mission - El Criminal
I'm working with a band that has released on Vinyl and CD. I'll point out vinyl, and for clarification, in my lists 1 is the track on side A of the album, and 2 is the track on side B.

    Seeed/Backyard Crew (Vinyl) 02.06.2001
  1. Dickies B - SEEED
  2. Nah Falla Dem - Backyard Crew

    Waterpumpee (Vinyl) 02.06.2001
  1. Waterpumpee
  2. Doctor's Darling
This was an album with just Seeed on it, as opposed to the others, where it was either Backyard Crew, or El Criminal. I think that the way I'm noding it makes sense, it should be clear when Seed releases on their own, and when they are collaborating on an album.

    New Dubby Conquerors (B-Sides on a CD) Unknown Date
  1. New Dubby Conquerors
  2. We Seeed
  3. Yaam
  4. We Seeed (Scratch's Ghost Dub)

    New Dubby Conquerors (CD) 21.05.2001
  1. Dancehall Caballeros
  2. Riddim No. 1
  3. Papah Noah
  4. Walk Upright
  5. Dickies B (feat. Black Kappa)
  6. Psychedelic Kingdom
  7. Sensimilla (feat. Denyo)
  8. We Seeed
  9. Tide is High note: this is a cover
  10. Top of the City
  11. Fire the Hidden
  12. New Dubby Conquerors

    Dancehall Caballeros (B-Sides on a CD) 27.08.2001
  1. Dancehall Caballeros (Radio Mix)
  2. Dancehall Caballeros (Jaleel Mix)
  3. Dancehall Caballeros (Banson Mam Mix)
  4. Dancehall Caballeros (Involtini Mix)
  5. Dancehall Caballeros (Enhanced Video)

    Waterpumpee (B-Sides on a CD) 02.04.2002
  1. Waterpumpee with Anthony B (Waahnback 2002)
  2. Wir sind's (eeed) (Rmx by Illvibe, Based + P. Baigorry)
  3. Psychedelic Kingdom (live)
  4. Riddim No 1 (Fresher Videomix)
  5. "Doctors Darling" (Version)
  6. Top Of The City (Herbaliser Remix)
  7. HyperSpecial: Riddim No 1 Video

    Music Monks (B-Sides on a CD) 12.05.2003
  1. Music Monks
  2. Lock Down feat. Tanya Stephens
  3. Music Monks (Rudebwoy Rudy Remix)
  4. Respectness Dub
  5. Music Monks (Video)

    Music Monks (CD) 02.06.2003
  1. Music Monks - The See(e)dy Monks
  2. What You Deserve is What You Get
  3. Respectness
  4. Release
  5. Pressure
  6. Douple Soul (feat. Tanya Stephens)
  7. Grosshirn
  8. Goldmine
  9. Fire In The Morning
  10. Waterpumpee (feat. Anthony B.)
  11. Jackpot Girl
  12. Love Is The Queen There is also an english version of Fire in the Morning appended to the end of Love is the Queen. Bonus track stylee.

Band Members

Pierre Baigorry

Demba Nabé

Frank A. Dellé

DJ Illvibe
Wheels of Steel

Jerome "Tchamp" Bugnon

Dubmaster Reibold
Vital Organism

Rudeboy Rudy
Up and Downstrokes

Bass Guitar

Alfi Trowers
Misc. Sounds (cuts)


Olsen Involtini
Mixing Desk

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