Incredibly talented and incredibly weird band. Their sound is definately Middle Eastern and ranges from ambient to noisy Digital Hardcore. The often play the college circuit and put on an outstanding show. Words cannot do them justice


The Legendary Paper Project (EP) - 1995
First Grand Constitution and Bylaws (LP) - 1996
The Christmas Album (EP) - 1996
Second Grand Constitution and Bylaws (LP) - 1998
Smiling Pets (EP) - 1998
Zulfika II & III (7") - 1998
The Theatrum of Suprasensory Universes Volume 1 (LP) - 1998
Ready for Transmission (LP) - compilation which includes Renunciation - 1999
Eyes of Flesh - Eyes of Flame (LP) - 1999


The band refuses to make any open statements as to their philosophy, but the artwork on their album draws its roots on freemasonry and Islam. Their song titles are obvious references to elements of Islamic religion.

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