Galeon, the Mozilla-based browser for Gnome, has a great feature called "Smart Bookmarks." When placed in a toolbar, they put a text box next to the bookmark that can be used to do searches on a website. When placed in a menu, clicking them gives a textbox in a dialog that does the same thing. Sure would be nice to be able to do that with e2, huh?

The easy way to get this is to download the bookmark file and icon from me. Go to, save the files e2search.xbel and e2search_icon.png, and import them using the bookmark editor (Ctl+B) by selecting Import Bookmarks from the File menu. Hit "Yes" on the dialog asking if you want to merge the bookmarks. You'll have to change the path to the icon (in the text box below the icon image when you select the e2 search bookmark) to where you really put the icon.

Here are the hard ways. The first way is to open your ~/.galeon/bookmarks.xbel file with your favorite text editor, find the "Smart Bookmarks Toolbar" section in the file, and put the following in that section:

<bookmark href="">
  <title>e2 Search</title>
    <metadata owner="">
      <!-- put the real path to the image in the next line. -->

This will put the e2 search box in your Smart Bookmarks toolbar. If you don't want it there, or don't have it enabled, you could also search for "Personal Toolbar" and place the same chunk of XML in that section.

If you'd rather do the job manually, hit Ctl+B to edit your bookmarks, select New Item in the File menu, type 'e2 Search' as the name, '' as the URL, and '' as the Smart URL. You can also manually select the image under the "no image" box.

One thing to remember when using this search box is that this will not leave softlinks, and so shouldn't be used for general purpose e2 browsing. However, I've found it useful if I'm at a node and would rather not softlink it to wherever I'm going next.

This is assuming you're using a 1.1 or greater version of Galeon; if anyone has an "old" version (1.0 or earlier) and gets this working, message me.

Yes, this info is already in the Galeon writeup, but I wrote this to match the other browser search writeups and provide a little more information than the other writeup. No need to softlink smartass comments, thank you.

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