Scuzzlebutt is a character from the animated television series South Park. His first (and presumably last) appearance is in episode two, "Volcano". His name is apparently a reference to the term scuttlebutt.

Scuzzlebutt looks something like a large (approximately twice the height of a man) brown bipedal dog with protruding lower fangs and a ruff of darker brown fur around his neck. One of his hands is a stalk of celery and one of his legs has been replaced with Patrick Duffy.

Cartman: "You guys ever heard of Scuzzlebutt?"
Stan: "Whattlebutt?"
Cartman: "Scuzzlebutt is a creature that lives up on this very mountain and kills anyone who dares climb to the top."
Stan: "Why?"
Cartman: "Because, it loves the taste of blood, and likes to add pieces to its deformed body."
Kyle: "Deformed how?"
Cartman: "Well, on his left arm, instead of a hand, he has..."
Stan: "A hook!"
Kyle: "A knife!"
Cartman: "No! A piece of celery."
Stan: "Celery!?"
Cartman: "Yes, and he walks with a limp... Because one of his legs is missing. And where his leg should be, there's nothing but... Patrick Duffy."
Kyle: "Patrick Duffy!? Dammit Cartman, that's not scary."
Cartman: "What do you mean? Have you ever seen Step by Step? ... So he lives alone on this mountain, and weaves baskets, and other assorted crafts. They say on quiet nights, you can hear him weaving his baskets... Ka-chink, ka-chink, ka-chink."

--South Park episode two, Volcano

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