A font designed by Fred Goudy in 1941, originally intended to be a private press type used only by the students of Scripps College in California.

The font somewhat resembles the well known 'times' with its simplicity, but has a few cute little embellishments. The dot on the i is slightly elongated and slanted like a little accent mark; there is a slight accented line on the bottom left of the S as well.

Tim Burton had his book of short stories The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories published using this rarely seen font, and provides a brief credit and blurb about it in the back. It mentions that "Goudy himself described it as being a straightforward and simple design, lacking any freakish qualities."

This is undoubtedly why Burton chose to use the font; a small ironic addition to a book containing nothing but stories of freakish children.

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