Scrawls during an Indoctrination

By Metacognizant

we grow up when we are
corrupted into malleability.
this is what they call maturity.

talked at.
best to selectively listen
but better to tune out
than into the false
metaphysical verbiage
spiritual lies.
i dare you to tell me
what to do in this world
what to do for these people
not for god or myself.

grab an identity and run.

la la la
i can’t hear you

cold and alone
but powerful
separate, alive
a slow moving [glacier
untouched by the wind
unwarmed by the infinite
community of stars.

tied to the solid
by the rules of nature
(not the ropes of no soul).
the flying universe
does not exist
except in the eyes
of a dreaming fool
and a computer on sleep.

la la la
you’re so full of bullshit
but I’m not listening…

the bounds of this world
painfully annoying
are real
and any beyond is a comfort
reached for by feeble biology.
go the fallacies
and overflow
the mark of enough.
i’ve had enough.

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