This experimental guitarist gained many listeners' interest through his 1986 Nonesuch-label album "John Somebody", including two eponymous tracks and one other track based on work with the melody of the human voice. For example, a piece starts out with a woman's voice saying:

"You know who's in New York? Remember that guy? 'J-John' Somebody? H-he was a, he was sort of a..."

A melody delivered by guitars and other instruments starts building on the melody of the woman's voice; the quote, generally in snippets and often with small bits repeated as needed, continues throughout the piece, a very long and beautiful jam.

Another piece on the album is an equally "virtuoso" musical interpretation of laughter.

Johnson's other albums include Released/Unreleased and Rock/Paper/Scissors. He also apparently did a soundtrack for "the Patty Hearst film," whatever that is.

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