From: The Thorough Good Cook

Entrees: 24. Scollops of Sweetbreads in Cases.

Let the sweetbreads disgorge and be blanched. When they have been lying for a time in cold water, make some small scollops of them, and mix them with a preparation which is to be made in the following way : Take half a pint of mushrooms, four or five shallots, a little parsley, and chop the whole very fine, separately. Next rasp a little fat bacon, to which add a small lump of fresh butter. Stew the herbs over a slow fire, and put the scollops with them, seasoned with salt, pepper, and a little pounded spice. When done, drain all the fat; put the scollops into small paper cases fried in butter, and add a liberal amount of herb seasoning. Then strew over them a few crumbs of bread fried in butter. Lay the paper cases for a moment in the oven, and when you are going to serve up, pour into each of them a little thin brown gravy, and squeeze over the juice of a lemon; drain off all the fat.

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