Schwab's Drugstore was the most famous pharmacy in America for many years. Part of its fame resulted from owner Leon Schwab's story about how Lana Turner was "discovered" there. Although Turner certainly visited the store, the story remains without merit. However, F. Scott Fitzgerald got a heart attack while buying cigarettes here.

Still Schwab's was a common place for Hollywood writers and actors looking for work to hang out. Schwab's filled many studio executives' prescriptions and told people that he told how he mentioned some of the young budding actors who he thought were star material.

In 1987, Schwab's was demolished to make way for a new shopping mall. Everything was auctioned, from the sign, to the money purse. Today, a Virgin Records stands in its place.

Schwab's Drugstore

8024 Sunset Blvd.
Hollywood, California

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