Spoon River Anthology
Edgar Lee Masters

Faith Matheny << --- >> Willie Metcalf

Scholfield Huxley

GOD! Ask me not to record your wonders,
I admit the stars and the suns
And the countless worlds.
But I have measured their distances
And weighed them and discovered their substances.
I have devised wings for the air,
And keels for water,
And horses of iron for the earth.
I have lengthened the vision you gave me a milion times,
And the hearing you gave me a million times,
I have leaped over space with speech,
And taken fire for light out of the air.
I have built great cities and bored through the hills,
And bridged majestic waters.
I have written the Iliad and Hamlet;
And I have explored your mysteries,
And searched for you without ceasing,
And found you again after losing you
In hours of weariness --
And I ask you:
How would you like to create a sun
And the next day have worms
Slipping in and out between your fingers?

Source: Project Gutenberg

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