Scheveningen is a Dutch village situated on the North Sea. It consists of three main areas: Duindorp, the core village and the boulevard.

Duindorp was built around 1920. Its main purpose was to provide housing for as many people as possible: hence these houses were small, poorly designed and often unsafe. Many of them were demolished in early 2001.

The core village goes back to the 12th century. The catholic church in the Keizerstraat dates from 1500. The Keizerstraat is a busy street with many shops and is especially popular among Scheveningen's native inhabitants.

The boulevard was built in 1818. It is famous for the so-called Kurhaus (originally a bathhouse, later became a casino, nowadays it's a hotel), beach and pier. This area attracts a veritable flood of tourists.

Should you find yourself in Scheveningen, you can visit:

  • The pier - The pier was first built in 1901, but was destroyed in 1943 by the Germans. It was rebuilt in 1957. What makes this pier different from other moles is that there's actually the possibility to walk upon it, till at least 80 meters sea inwards. At the end of the pier is a restaurant and the possibility to bungee-jump.
  • Sealife Center - A major tourist attraction, Sealife Center gives visitors the opportunity to walk underneath and above giant aquariums. Sealife Center is situated on the boulevard.
  • Museum Scheveningen - A small yet friendly museum which deals with the history of Scheveningen. It's located in the Neptunusstraat.
  • Panorama Mesdag - Museum built around a famous drawing of Scheveningen which shows a 360 degrees view of the village. Panorama Mesdag is located in the Zeestraat in Den Haag center.
  • Appel Theatre - Theatrical company famed for its renewing and daring performances. Was recently denied state subsidy because they'd be too daring. Their theatre can be found in the Duinstraat.
  • Circus Theatre - The circus theatre is a rich theatre with large theatre productions, mostly musicals. At the moment they play Elisabeth(Sissi), Aida is coming up.

You can also attend the following events:

  • Fireworks - Every friday, saturday and sunday night various European countries compete for the European fireworks prize. This happens about three times a year. In the periods that there are no festivals fireworks are provided by the local council.
  • Nieuwjaarsduik - Every new year's day thousands of people run into the North Sea wearing nothing but their swimwear. This is to begin the new year with a fresh (and rather cold) start.
  • Sandsculpture festival - Every summer various artists build huge sandsculptures on the beach. The artist who makes the most beautiful sand sculpture is awarded a cash prize.
  • Vlaggetjesdag - A local holiday to celebrate the arrival of the New Herring (date is therefore dependent on fish production, though this will normally be around May). Boats are decorated with flags, people gather to eat herring and to watch folk dances.
  • Schollenpop - Small-scaled pop festival on the 4th of August with a great diversity of music (jazz, (punk)rock and some funk). Entrance is free.

Recently Scheveningen drew worldwide attention when Slobodan Milosevic went to the Scheveningen jail. He is there to await his trial.

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