Scar Symmetry is a melodic death metal band from Avesta, Sweden.

The band was formed in 2004 at Jonas Kjellgren's Black Lounge Studios. They wanted to create a form of Death Metal that was heavy yet catchy. The idea was to have virtuoso guitar solos, complex yet catchy rhythms and incorporate synthesizers into the music

During April of the same year, they recorded a demo for the song "Seeds of Rebellion". This noticed by Cold Records, and soon they had a recording contract.
In the subsequent year in June, they had recorded there first album in Black Lounge Studios, Symmetric in Design. Soon after that, they went touring with numerous other bands and played festivals in Europe.

In June 2006, the band had signed a new contract with Nuclear Blast records. A followup album, Pitch Black Darkness, was being record 8 months after the release of Symmetric in Design. During this time between 2006 and 2007, they continued to do tours after they had done the recording.

However in June 2008, following the release of the band's third album, Holographic universe, the band did no embark on any tours. This was mainly due to the fact that their lead vocalist Christian Älvestam had left the band due to touring and internal conflicts.

Current Band members:
Henrik Ohlsson
Kenneth Seil
Jonas Kjellgren
Roberth Karlsson
Lars Palmqvist
Per Nilsson

Former Members:
Christian Älvestam

Scar Symmetry currently has three albums to date:
Symmetric in Design (2005)
Pitch Black Progress (2006)
Holographic Universe (2008)

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