Satellite Rides is the new album by the no depression/alt-country band Old 97's. The album has much more of a pop sound to it than their previous records. However, it should be noted that the Old 97's always have been more of a pop band than others in their genre like Son Volt or Wilco.

Satellite Rides is a fairly solid record throughout. My favorite songs have to be "Up the Devil's Pay" and "Designs on You". "Up the Devil's Pay" is a good rock song, but what makes it interesting has to be the absolutely gorgeous, harmonized, unwritten chorus.

Although there probably isn't any single brilliant track, there also are not any that disappoint. Satellite Rides is probably the most complete record I've purchased in a while.

Track List

  1. King of All the World
  2. Rollerskate Skinny
  3. Buick City Complex
  4. Bird in a Cage
  5. Up the Devil's Pay
  6. What I Wouldn't Do
  7. Question
  8. Am I Too Late
  9. Weightless
  10. Can't Get a Line
  11. Designs on You
  12. Book of Poems
  13. Nervous Guy

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