A small ramen noodle shop in Porter Square. You can get a huge bowl, really cheap from some really nice people. It is located in the "japanese mall", the Porter Exchange, Cambridge, MA.

A story:

One frigid winter morning, some friends and I decided to go to Sapporo Ramen. I was in town visiting my girlfriend. She was a visiting student at Harvard for the semester, so she had an apartment nearby. Me, I had a cold. So did Paul. "Nothing is better for a cold than ramen. Better even than chicken soup." said Paul. Tsubasa agrees. So we're off.

We order our ramen. I had miso broth. Paul and Adam get theirs. It is very very hot and tasty. In mid-slurp:


Fire alarms go off! Lights flash all around! Stores close, and people evacuate the building.

We stick our fingers in our ears and keep eating.

It was really good ramen.

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