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AKA Santo Rigatuso, Santo Gold was the brainchild of Bob Harris. This was the first infomercial I can remember watching, and it still is the most memorable. It is both a recruitment film for Santo Gold distributors, and a promo for the film Blood Circus, which is a wrestling movie.

Santo Gold is the fictional character who is both a jewelry designer and rock singer. The infomercial is pretty uniformative and corny to boot, but it is hilarious. The bottom line is that Santo Gold (the product, not the guy) is allegedly 24 karat gold plated on cheaper metal. "There's nothing like the feel of gold against your skin." I don't think a writeup can really do it justice. This is one you really have to see. Back when I was a teen, saying someone wore Santo Gold was a diss of first rate proportions. As the song goes:

I got chains. I got charms.
I got bracelets for your arms.
Money back guarantee...

Santo Gold. Santo Gold.
We know you're going to like it.
One more pair of Santo Gold.

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