A sixteen bar blues originally composed by San Francisco bluesman Jessie Fuller. Notably covered by Peter, Paul and Mary in the 1960s and by Eric Clapton on his album "Unplugged." The song is famous for its kazoo solo.

I got the (C)blues when my baby left me (F)by the San Francisco (C)Bay. (C7)
The (F)ocean liner, it (F)took her so far a(C)way. (C7)
I (F)didn't mean to treat her so (F)bad. I lost the (C)best girl I ever have (A7)had.
She (D7)said goodbye, She (D7)liked to make me cry, (G7) I wanna lay down and (G7)die.

I (C)haven't got a nickel, I (F)ain't got a lousy (C)dime. (C7)
If she (F)don't come back, I (F)think I'm gonna lose my (E7)mind. (E7)
But if she (F)ever comes back to (F)stay, it's gonna (C)be another brand new (A7)day,
(D7)Walking with my baby down (G7)by the San Francisco (C)Bay. (C)

Sitting down, looking through my back door, wonderin' which way to go.
The woman I'm so crazy 'bout, she don't love me no more.
I think I'll catch me a freight train, because I'm feelin' blue.
Ride her all the way to the end of the line, thinking only of you.

Meanwhile living in the city, just about to go insane.
Thought I heard my baby's voice, the way she used to call my name.
If she ever comes back to stay, it's gonna be another brand new day,
Walkin' with my baby down by the San Francisco Bay.

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