Samuli Torssonen (of Finland) is credited as the "creator & producer" of Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning, a freely distributed Star Trek spoof. He also plays Captain Pirk (the Captain Kirk-soundalike main character), and apparently also did the editing and special effects. The movie site's FAQ also states that Torssonen was in charge of "financing the project and keeping the team together", and that he co-authored the script.

The Star Wreck series of films is, it seems, Torssonen's pastime and obsession since 1992, when the first film was created; he spent seven years leading the latest (and first pro-quality, full length) production from home... The entire studio is housed in Torssonen's rather cramped-looking living room (as seen on the Star Wreck site), with a few extra computers stashed in the kitchen.

Other information is, frankly, a bit hard to come by...

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