From: The Thorough Good Cook

Fish: 46. Salt Cod a la Maitre d'hotel

The black-skinned ones are generally reckoned the best. Be particular to have the salt well soaked out, put the fish into cold water, and place on the fire. Let it be cooked in a large vessel, that it may have plenty of room. the moment it is beginning to boil, take it of the fire, and keep it in the water well covered; it will then be tender, but if it should continue to boil, it will be tough and thready. Make a Maitre d'hotel, with half a pound of butter, a spoonful of flour, four or five spoonfuls of water, and a little salt. When the sauce begins to thicken, work it well, that it may be more mellow. Have some parsley chopped very fine, Mix a pinch of it with a little glaze, and the juice of a lemon; then taste the sauce. If it be too brown in colour, a little thick cream will make it both whiter and more mellow. Take away the skin and bones of the fish, and put them into the sauce, shaking it gently for fear of breaking them. Send it up either in a vol-au-ven or-in a deep dish with crusts of puff paste.

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