1cup pistachios-ground 1tbl dill 1 1/2cup creme fresh 1/2cup sour cream lemon juice salt and pepper red wine vinegar 2 salmon filets baguette olive oil

To start this dish cook the salmon in the style of your choice. I just tossed the filets in a little olive oil put them into some tin foil gave them a dash of lemon juice(2tbl), and a little S&P and tossed them in the oven at about 350F till cooked through.

While the salmon is cooking you should cook off the crostinis as well. As to how to do that I defer to sensei's write up Garlic Crostini, simply leave off the garlic and you're good to go.

The smear consists of a mixture of creme fresh and sour cream(4/1 ratio approx). Add to that enough lemon juice (1-2tbl) so that the mixture becomes noticeably smoother. Once it's reached that stage add a dash of red wine vinegar(1tbl). Ideally one is looking for a slightly looser than sour cream consistency.

Take your pistachios and toss them in the blender/food processor and blend them till very fine. Be careful not to go to overboard with the blending or you will begin to make pistachio butter. Use more pistachios than you'll think you'll need. Once chopped up mix them with the cream mixture. There should be enough pistachio in the mixture to noticeably alter the color of the mixture and clearly see the bits of pistachio suspended in the mixture.

As for the dill, it depends on wether your using dried or fresh. If your using fresh dill you'll need a lot less than if your going the dry route. When added to the creme/pistachio mixture the dill should be a much lighter not quite as present flavor. So add and taste till you find a good balance point.

When the salmon and crostini are done allow them cool. Once cooled take the crostini and spread a layer of the smear on them. Then take the salmon and pull off bits along the natural flake lines that are present in cooked salmon. Place those pieces on the smeared crostinis and serve.

all amounts wildly guessed at


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