Welcome to the Everything Saints Project. You can go back to List of Saints, or see all of them as Saints (all). Sources include google.com, Catholic teachings, and various other sources. It was divided by letter for easier searching because the original list is fairly cumbersome to load and look through manually. Enjoy, and /msg suggestions/additions to v3rgez.

Blessed Osanna Andreasi
Saint Odilia
Saint Odilo of Cluny
Saint Odo
Saint Olaf aka Saint Olav
Saint Olympias
Saint Omer
Saint Optatus of Milevis
Saint Osmund
Saint Oswald of Northumbria
Saint Oswald of York
Saint Oswin
Saint Othmar
Saint Ouen

Here are the Russian Orthodox saints that start with the letter, "O," with their feastdays where possible.

Source: http://www.gnisios.narod.ru/lives.html

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