A great song to bump and grind to, by the immortal--no, honestly, Keith Richards is never going to die--Rolling Stones, from their album Bridges to Babylon. It has some great lyrics, but there's also the traditional things that make a Stones song totally groove out: electric guitar played in that sparse Stones style, like it was dipped in sex and lighter fluid, Mick Jagger strutting (yes, if you listen, you can hear him strut, even in the studio track...), and percussion so tight it makes Britney Spears' computer jealous. How's that for Satisfaction, you little pop tart?

Oh yeah, here are the lyrics:

St. Paul the persecutor was a cruel and evil man;
Jesus hit him with a blinding light and then his life began,
I said yeah.... I said yeah. Augustine knew temptation, he loved women, wine, and song,
and all the special pleasures of doing something wrong.
I said yeah, oh, I said yeah.

I said yeah, Oh yeah, oh yeah: you'll never make a saint of me! (x2)

And could you stand the torture, and could you stand the pain?
Could you put your faith in Jesus when you're burning in the flames?
I said yes, MMMMMMMmmmmmmm....
I do believe in miracles, and I wanna save my soul,
and I know that I'm a sinner, I'm gonna die out in the cold,
I said yes, I said yeah...


I thought I heard an angel cry....
I thought I saw a teardrop fallin' from his eye.
Mmmmmmm-hmmmmmmmmmmm.... hua.

John the Baptist was a martyr, and he stood up Herod's hate,
'til Salome got a wish, she had him served him on a plate...


I thought I heard an angel cry...
I thought I saw a teardrop fallin' from his eye.
I thought I saw an angel cry.

CHORUS (out)

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