Saint Elmo not only gave his name to Saint Elmo's fire, a seafaring phenomenon (and yet another 80s Brat Pack movie) but also would be invoked for deliverance from seasickness. I'm not sure who you would invoke to prevent seasickness, but at least there was something you could do once you had it.
His day is June 2nd.
Peter Gonzalez (1190-1246), popularly known as St. Elmo, joined the Dominican Order and became a renowned preacher. He accompanied Ferdinand III of Leon on his expeditions against the Moors, but his ambition was to preach to the poor. He devoted most of his life to the conversion of the ignorant and of the sailors in Galicia and along the coast of Spain. He lies buried in the cathedral of Tuy. Gonzalez was beatified in 1254 by Innocent IV, but was never formally canonized. "Elmo" is a diminuitive of Erasmus, and as St. Erasmus is the patron saint of sailors, the nickname was given to Gonzalez by Spanish mariners.

Source: The Catholic Encyclopedia

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