The trio of new Sailor Senshi who fight with (and occasionally against) Sailor Moon in the fifth and final season of the series, Sailor Moon Sailor Stars.

The Sailor Starlights, Yaten (Sailor Star Healer); Seiya (Sailor Star Fighter); and Taiki (Sailor Star Maker) are seen wearing purple patent leather halter tops with matching short-shorts and thigh-high boots. By day, however, they tour as a boy band (known commonly in Japan as "idols") called the Three Lights. They are each both male and female; it is never really told why exactly they are hermaphroditic. However, one of them, Seiya, has romantic feelings for Usagi/Sailor Moon, which she almost acts on due to the fact that her boyfriend Mamoru is studying abroad at Harvard and too busy to keep up his correspondance. Also, even after the Senshi find out that the Three Lights are she-males, they are still actively attracted to them (discussing which one is cuter in the coffee shop, etc.).

*Interesting tidbit: Seiya/Sailor Star Fighter screams the phrase "Star gentle uterus" when he/she attacks an enemy.

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