Safari Hunt is a video game created by Sega in the mid eighties. It was probably on many of Sega's 8-bit systems, but I most remember it on the SC-3000. The game consisted of a grass maze in the center of the screen, from which various animals would appear. You played a stick man with a gun. You could drive your truck around the outside of the maze (often running over the animals).

You could also go into the maze on foot, which was the most effective way of defeating the animals. Once on foot, you could shoot the animal a varying number of times (depending on what sort of animal it was) and then drag it back to your truck. Your truck gave a running total of how many of each type of animal you collected.

I enjoyed this game a lot in my youth, and for the time it represented surprisingly sophisticated gameplay for the time. There was even supposedly a refuelling sequence if you got far enough.

Very little technology (even for the time, really) but great gameplay. If only all games could play this well...

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