I've an idea for a new type of Jukebox
The idea I have in mind would be to put ADSL into Pubs and then let them stream MP3's from a central database. Then allow customers to be able to walk into a pub and see a poster for the Jukebox where it would advertise a number. They would type the desired track and artist into a SMS text message and send it to the advertised number for that pub. They would then get confirmation that the database has the desired track or if not another option. Then let them submit their request. It would also advise them at what time their track would be played, and what position in the que they are. It might be handy for people that want a theme tune to walk into when they enter the Pub.

It might spark off conversation regarding a particular track, which might spark off a particular memory surrounding a track. This would be more likely because of the large amount of tracks that would be available from the database.

The other added feature might be you might be able to submit a quiet track, where upon being played the jukebox would remain quiet for a set time. The cost of each track might be taken out of the charge for the text message.

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