Ruxspin is a DJ and music producer, member of Universal Project, who also produces music alone under that name.

He started Djing in 1993 with hardcore music, which later evolved into Jungle music and Drum and bass. After years of playing on pirate radios, such as Don FM, Scandal FM, and others, he met up with Scandal to begin producing drum and bass. Scandal began as an engineer in California, listening to a variety of music from grunge to imported British CDs.

After starting a recording course in his home town of Sacramento, he attended an engineering course at Kingston University, where he met Ruxspin. They formed Universal Project in 2000, with Keaton joining them later. Keaton then left them in 2003 to focus on a solo career.

Universal Project recordings also feature other artists such as Chris.SU, Phobia, Skitty, Vicious Circle and long term veterans Usual Suspects.

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