As some of you who are in college know, good food is hard to come by. Especially luxuries such as ice cream. In my dorm, there is no such thing as good ice cream. It is either a weird flavor, like tangerine, or it is soupy. I don't like soupy ice cream very much. It doesn't go into the cone very well, and then you leave a drippy trail all the way to your room. Not to mention, you will most likely be covered in this ice cream by the tiem you get there anyway, leaving your hands too sticky to even touch the doorknob, making you sit in the hall until it is eaten, you can no-hand it to the bathroom, and get cleaned up. It is one problem right after another.

Tonight, my two roomies and I got the great craving for ice cream. Not soupy ice cream.... Dairy Queen ice cream. In no time, we had that phone book out, and we called the local Dairy Queen to find out when they closed. 10:00. I looked at the clock, which is a bit fast.... 9:48. We had about twelve minutes to get out the door, and walk fourteen blocks to the Dairy Queen. Included in these fourteen blocks were two pretty busy intersections with lights. We grabbed our money, tennis shoes, and we were gone!!!

We took off like mad women, running down the street. We ran all the way.... all fourteen blocks to get non-soupy ice cream!!! As we approached the Dairy Queen, that neon "OPEN" sign never looked so good. We made it, ordered our ice cream, and got back outside, all with three minutes to spare! I have never had a better small hot fudge sundae with whip cream and nuts in my whole life. It was well worth the fourteen blocks of running. When we were coming back in our dorm, the doorman asked us what our hurry was. As we explained our little craving, he gave us a look of complete and utter shock. He thought we were ridiculous. Ridiculous or not, I was probably the most satisfied customer from Dairy Queen tonight. I will forever be indebted to them and their non-soupy ice cream!!!

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